Dec. 11, 2022

E61: Generated by ChatGPT

E61: Generated by ChatGPT
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(The following has been generated completely by ChatGPT)

Welcome to our podcast episode! In this episode, we discuss Kanye West's suspension from Twitter, the rise of ChatGPT, and Spotify's new "wrapped" feature. And in a stroke of irony, these show notes were generated completely by ChatGPT, so hopefully it doesn't incite any violence or make any typos. Let's get started!

  • Kanye West was finally suspended from Twitter for inciting violence. Hosts Itamar, Guy, and Hillel discuss the tweets in question and the reaction to the suspension.
  • ChatGPT, a new AI-powered chatbot, has gained popularity for its ability to hold natural conversations with users. Itamar, Guy, and Hillel discuss the capabilities and potential uses of this technology.
  • Spotify has released a new "wrapped" feature that allows users to easily share songs and playlists on social media. Itamar, Guy, and Hillel discuss the reception of the feature and its potential impact on the music streaming industry.
  • In the "Shoutouts" segment, Hillel gives a shout-out to the new Netflix Documentary "Adventures in Psychedelics", Guy gives a shout-out to Kiwico, a kid's science toy company, and Itamar gives a shout-out to Metallica's new song "Lux Eterna".

Goodbye dear listeners, and reminding you to write it with any comments or questions to, and can find the other episodes and send in voicemails at  BYEEE!