July 12, 2021

E21: 21st Century Schizoid Pod

E21: 21st Century Schizoid Pod
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Ok, so first things first, we had to address the biggest news rocking the world:  https://www.instagram.com/p/CRGxTbNtCxa/

But after that, we got back down to business.

Yes, yes, yes, another hostful.  Relax, we'll have guests back soon!

WE DID MAILBAG!  That's right, we started reading emails and playing voicemails again!  As a reminder, send us a voicemail anytime from our site: www.bootstrappod.com

And then some news about who will be running Softbank's new Israel office, more huge fundraising rounds for Israeli startups, and of course, some Tik Tok news.


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